The C-5 Corvette Titanium Rotors are a direct bolt on rotor – no hats to buy!  The hats and rotors are solid titanium with our patented ceramic coatings that install using only 3 locating bolts.  You can use the stock C-5 calipers with our very quiet running performance pads or our high performance racing pads.  According to the Corvette Acceleration Specifications page on Chevrolet’s website, all 3 models of the 2003 Corvette driving from 60 MPH to 0, stop at a distance of 125 feet.

Our Rotor and Pad combinations shorten the stopping distance from 125  feet to an incredible 85 to 90  feet average  from 60  MPH to 0!

This even beats the Vipers’ stopping distance with it’s huge 14” rotors.

The complete Corvette Titanium package saves 33 pounds over the stock cast iron brakes.  These ceramic-coated titanium rotors will give you the most superior stopping ability for your vehicle.

The drilled and slotted rotors will generate noise. Please be aware of the fact that you will hear these rotors and be able to feel them as you apply the pedal. They generate much more friction than a steel rotor so you hear them more and can feel them more.


Front Ti Rotor with Aluminum Hat
$1,095.00 each


Rear Ti Rotor with Aluminum Hat & Emergency Brake
$995.00 each


Front Axle Brake Pads


Rear Axle Brake Pads


Front Axle Set High Performance Race Pads


Rear Axle Set High Performance Race Pads


Front Billet Aluminum 6 Piston Caliper


Rear Billet Aluminum
4 Piston Caliper


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