GMC, Dodge, Ford and Toyota 1/2 Ton Trucks

The NEW Yukon Titanium Rotors are a direct bolt on rotor – no hats to buy! The hats and rotors are solid titanium with our patented ceramic coatings that install using only 3 locating bolts.  You can use the stock Yukon calipers with our very quiet running performance pads.  According to a recent test done by D.O.T. the Yukon driving from 62 MPH to 0, stopped at a distance of 192 feet.

Our Rotor and Pad combinations shorten the stopping distance from 192 feet to a whopping 115 feet average from 60  MPH to 0!

The complete Yukon Titanium package saves 34 pounds over the stock cast iron brakes.  These ceramic-coated titanium rotors will give you the most superior stopping ability for your vehicle.


Front Titanium Rotor with Hard Coat Aluminum Hat
$995.00 each


Rear Titanium Rotor with Hard Coat Aluminum Hat & Emergency Brake
$1,095.00 each


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