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Brake Fluid – Quart


Brake Fluid – 12 oz.


Titanium Jacobs Ladder
12.625″, 13.625″, 14″, 14.375″, 15.125″ long


Sprint Car Inboard Hub
For the 10.400 Rotor, 6 Bolt, 5.50″ Bolt Circle
15 oz.


Midget Inboard Hub
For the 10.400″ Rotor, 6 Bolt on 5.50″ Bolt Circle
13 oz.


Stainless Sliders
For the Ultra Lite Brakes 100 Series Floating Sprint Car Calipers
$15.00 each


Aluminum Bleeder
Bleeder Valve with 1/8″ pipe fitting


Aluminum Inlet
1/8″ to – 3 Aluminum pipe fitting


Hex Jet Nuts
1/4 – 28


Aluminum Spacer
For Left Rear or Right Rear Sprint Car Kit
.750″ wide


Rotor Bolts


Left Front Caliper Bracket


UL-100 Full Metallic Pad
.485″ thick, 3.96″ long
Outlaw 2000 and Wilwood Dynalite


UL-101 Full or Semi-Metallic Pad


UL-102 Semi-Metallic Pad
For Red Devil Brakes 400 Short Track Series


Brake Pad
Left Front Sprint Pad


Brake Pad
Sprint Inboard Pad

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